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I’ve been submerged in Byrne Miller’s world, hoping to finish the manuscript by January for a planned hard-cover release in September 2013. But two friends I met at the Oaxaca International Film Festival managed to wiggle into my cocoon and I just had to share the good news.

Felix Martiz, the director of “Santiago” who won BIFF’s first-ever Best Director award, is making another film and it’s a romantic comedy! He’s raising funds, and if you remember the story behind the making of “Santiago” you’ll know he’ll make the most of every penny. It’s easy to contribute http://www.indiegogo.com/amorimposible and maybe this time he’ll have more than 5K to work with! He’ll make a short first, to use as a trailer and opening sequence of a full-length feature and if we all pitch in, maybe the guy can afford a tripod this time.

Here’s the funny part. Because my “Mask of the Innocent” won best screenplay at Oaxaca, Felix thinks I know something about writing. So he hit me up to read some of his newer work. I loved it, except for one thing. I thought his female characters needed work – lots of prostitutes and angelic mothers but not much inbetween. I gave him such a hard time that he passed the scripts along to another writer we met at Oaxaca, the talented Laurel Minter, for a second opinion. She gave him the same hard time about women! Now he has to listen to us, because Laurel has gone and made finals in the Nicholl’s Prize (that’s like being a first-round draft pick in our world) It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, especially since my screenplay got knocked out of the running after quarter-finals. I’m so excited for Laurel, and Felix – and talk about six degrees of separation!

2 thoughts on “A quick happy film fix

    Will said:
    October 3, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    Wow! Looks like the separation is getting down to about three degrees! I’m loving the Beaufort/Oaxaca connection that’s building, and I’m loving that our Teresa’s on the cutting room floor – OOPS! – that was supposed to be “on the cutting edge”. My computer’s spell check has become thought check, and has now gone rogue! This is super, T!


    Felix Martiz said:
    October 4, 2012 at 12:37 PM

    The Oaxaca connection is really strong and thriving! I, along with a few other Directors and filmmakers from that fateful Oaxaca festival, are currently forming a filmmaker collective that will push our filmmaking abilities and help each other showcase our talents. Theresa you are the first outside the core group whom I’ve let know of this endeavor. There will be great things to come and it all started in Oaxaca.


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