Friday night at the Film Fest

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Hello again, doing double-duty guest blogging for the Lowcountry Weekly’s FilmFix this week. Hopefully I’ve already convinced you to go to the Beaufort International Film Fest on opening night (Thursday the 17th.) The lovely French, non-terrorism-related film “Ich bin eine Terroristin” shows at 5pm and then you can stick around to heckle me at the screenwriter’s table read.

Thursday night’s not the be-all, end-all though.  There are three full days of BIFF and I’ll be calling out those films that deserve special attention. Or that might sound unappealing but shouldn’t be missed.   Friday night’s been getting a lot of great press, thanks to local filmmaker Michael Givens’ “Angel Camouflaged” that shows at 6:45pm (on two screens, I’m told, that’s how excited people are about this rock-and-roll musical.) And a powerful film called “A Marine Story” takes on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell at 9pm.  But in all the hoopla, don’t miss a gem that airs a few hours earlier, at 5pm.

“Bright” is a long short, 40 minutes, the kind that I really hope gets made into a feature film one day. It sometimes happens. Neill Blomkamps “District 9” started as a short that blew audiences away at film festivals. Benjamin Busch has an unusually contemplative touch, his film is a piece that you feel as much as you see. I won’t give away the plot, but it features really good actors of gritty, HBO-series fame, working with a mysterious, almost cryptic script. You can read the full review on the Lowcountry Weekly FilmFix blog, but if you want a sense of how talented and dedicated Busch is – all you have to do is read the comment he left on this post. That’s the cool thing about the Beaufort International Film Festival – it’s cozy and intimate and unpretentious. And you just might discover the next Neill Blomkamp.

One thought on “Friday night at the Film Fest

    teresabrucebooks said:
    February 15, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    Thank you for screening BRIGHT, and for giving it kind notice in review. I wrote the script to be very tight without telling much, and it is especially pleasing to have a screenwriter watch critically for how it reads. I hope that I get to meet you down there. You will be able to see the final cut with completed color timing if you can make it to the theater on Friday. It is much better than the working copy you have viewed. Again, on behalf of everyone who rallied to make BRIGHT, my thanks to you for holding us to the sun.


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