THE ART OF TITLES: This is a short piece

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This is a short piece on the psychology of what we call ourselves. Mothers or Other Mothers. Grandma or Merma. The last one is my personal masterpiece. Two-year-old Helena was born with a fabulous grandmother from each of her parents. A third would be redundant at best and confusing at worst.
So I lobbied for the title of mermaid grandma: merma, of course. It makes perfect sense to her, after many mermaid stories, videos, earrings, dolls and various other mermaphenalia.

While this title represents my personal best it is not, however, the best title in the universe. That goes to a self-taught artist from Elloree, South Carolina whose stunning altar-of-tinfoil graces the National Portrait Gallery. If only I had thought of “Director, Special Projects for the State of Eternity.”

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