An Upcoming Series about The Drive

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(WASHINGTON, DC) The Drive: today’s date minus 14 years

This is a sample of a blog series I’ll be ramping up starting on Mother’s Day. Each day I’ll post a blog about a photo from the ultimate road trip: the one I took TWICE down the Pan-American highway that became my latest memoir, The Drive: Searching for Lost Memories on the Pan-American Highway. The book goes on sale June 13th — and from May 14th on you can be an armchair traveler, along for the entire year-long drive. Don’t worry, following this blog series won’t ruin the story for you. There will be no spoilers — just bonus material that complements the book. Journal entries, the occasional video, tall tales, ghost stories, crazy close calls, even crazier people we met on the road, maps, B&W photos processed in South America, 44-year-old color slides, and stunning digital images from 13 countries that ended up on the cutting room floor. Like this one, in Guatemala, ten days before Wipeout left us:

Teresa and Wipeout

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