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First — it’s not always an age thing. Although the media makes it seem like EVERYONE reads blogs and listens to podcasts — lots of smart, well-read, well-traveled people haven’t caught the bug. They think blogs are complicated to follow, are turned off by the word “subscribe” and worry that following will get them on some horrid email marketing list.

Since I’m about to reboot my blog on Mother’s Day with ride-along/read-along bonus material from my upcoming book The Drive: Searching for Lost Memories on the Pan-American highway, this is a primer you can forward or share that demystifies the process:

Step 1: Hop online and type in the blog’s address

step 1 - search bar

Step 2: when the blog pops up, look for the “follow” button on the bottom right of the screen

step2 look for follow me

Step 3: click the follow box

step 3 click follow

Step 4: it’ll ask for your email adress

step 4 enter email

Step 5: check your email for a welcome message

step 5 check your email

Step 6: it’ll want to confirm that you want to subscribe (which is a terrible word since it’s free)

step 6 confirm

Then you’re in. Each time there’s a new post (which can be pictures and/or a short paragraph) you get that email and can either open it if you have time to read or delete it if you don’t. You can catch up the next time.

you're in!

Shoot me a comment if you think a primer on leaving comments would be helpful too.

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