Day Planner Zombie (Drive Day 1 minus 14 years and 40 days)

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That point when planning for a restful vacation (or a one-year detour from corporate life) gives you heart palpitations? I’m there. I’ve given notice: kissing my 6-figure, A-list agency producer job goodbye with no backup plan. Gary and I will retrace the road trip I barely survived as a 7-year old, down the Pan-American Highway to Tierra Del Fuego. I’ll miss my colleagues, jazz at HR 57, dance class at Joy of Motion, the smell of fries at Ben’s Chili Bowl, regular paychecks – but not being an undead slave to this crazed schedule.

Washington DC, photo by Gary Geboy

Follow this bonus-material blog and ride along on a one-year road trip that inspired the memoir The Drive: Searching for Lost Memories on the Pan American Highway. On sale June 13th. Pre order through the buy-the-book links at the bottom of the landing page on my website or here or here. Like The Drive’s Facebook page and tweet back at me @writerteresa.

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