Fake News (Drive Day 1 minus 14 years, 24 days)

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My parents say having two little girls along on the 1973 road trip down the Pan-American was like having two extra passports. I am not nearly as cute anymore and my research at the Library of Congress is making me more nervous by the day. None of our relatives could bail us out of a Latin American jail if we get arrested and I am no longer employed by any company willing to pay a ransom if we are held hostage. But I was once a reporter. And I’ve played one in a mock terrorism training exercise so realistic I kept the press pass. Which Gary cheerfully re-shoots and alters in Photoshop. Lanyards are easy to find in DC and add an official provenance, don’t you think?

Washington DC: photo by the forgerer himself

Just in case VNN seems too “virtual” south of the border, Gary makes me a CBS News business card for good measure. Never let the truth get in the way of a backup plan.

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