Hasta la vista, DC! (Drive Day 1 minus 14 years, 19 days

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Washington DC: photo by Teresa Bruce

I thought it’d be a relief to put Washington DC behind us. But this is our city and the capitol dome is the sight we rejoiced to see still standing after the 9/11 attacks. I’m already homesick, even though it is no longer my home. For the next two days, less if we can stay awake, we officially live in a truck. All four of us are on our way to Gary’s parents in Wind Lake, Wisconsin where we will put the finishing touches on the camper that will fit inside the bed of the truck. Wipeout has a tricked-out ride: Gary replaced the skimpy back row of seats with a built-in, lockable storage cabinet topped with a padded cushion all the way across. Rosie howls from inside a cat carrier at my feet until I let her out to cuddle up to Wipeout. It’s a sorry consolation prize: she doesn’t get to come along for the rest of the road trip. She doesn’t know it but she’s not going any farther than Wisconsin.

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