How much does the ultimate road trip cost? (Drive Day 1 minus 14 years, 15 days)

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I have a sassy producer answer when clients want to know how much a video will cost: what does a fish weigh? But ball parking budgets for every type of video imaginable isn’t practice for a year-long road trip down the Pan American Highway. The credit card is already adding up: a $400 awning to shade Wipeout when we’re parked during the day, $2,000 satellite phone for emergencies and $1,500 for a year’s worth of storing everything that won’t fit in a $1,200 camper.

Milwaukee, WI: photo by Gary Geboy

All I can do is subtract the credit card bill from our savings and divide what’s left by twelve months. Street market grocery shopping can’t be more than $10 a day. Propane tanks to cook the food… maybe $20 a month? If I allow another $10 a night for campgrounds that leaves about $6,100 for diesel. My head hurts…

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