Catch a ride with THE DRIVE at DC’s hippest bookstore: Upshur Street Books

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Why do I declare Upshur Street Books the coolest bookstore in all DC? They picked THE DRIVE for an event, clearly, but also because in the same down-home block you can have a drink at the Petworth Citizen, tacos at a legit taqueria, and even get your do shaped before the party.





Ok technically it’s not a party; it’s an “In Conversation With” event — in DC bookspeak. That means instead of me sitting awkwardly behind a stack of books hoping buyers want signings, a working journalist/author actually asks me questions and starts a conversation with the audience. Which is why I’m so excited to announce my celeb-friend and amazing writer Sarah Wildman will do the honors. If you follow VOX news (that’s VOX not FOX) you’ll recognize her byline from all over the globe. But long before she wrote for leading news and culture magazines, we took dance class together at Joy of Motion in Dupont Circle. And then while I was off on the road trip through Latin America that become THE DRIVE — she wrote her own family memoir. Check out “Paper Love: searching for the girl my grandfather left behind” when you get a chance. Or better yet, come meet her in person next Wednesday night at Upshur!

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    July 8, 2017 at 1:19 PM

    Wonderful, wish I were there to attend!

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