Celebrating books, journeys and those we love at Nevermore Books

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It doesn’t get much better for writers than a spread in your hometown paper, a reading in a cool indie bookstore, all shared with your friends and Other Mothers. The big event is tomorrow night, at Lori and Dave Anderson’s infamous and fabulous Nevermore Books — next to the library.

So I’m driving in circles, well actually pacing the screened-in porch, thinking of:

  • all the people I hope to see,
  • the questions I wonder will be asked
  • the myriad ways I might misspell names signing books
  • whether my granddaughter will be able to sit still

It reminds me, in a way, of the butterflies that flitted through my head and heart when we set out on the road trip that would become this book. I could never have imagined, then, how life-changing and soul-bolstering a year on the road would be. Or how soul-withering it would be, waiting for the right editor to say “yes, that’s the book I want to publish!” Eventually a visionary woman named Stephanie Knapp at Seal Press (a Hachette Book Group company) did find her way to the manuscript, coaxed by my equally brilliant agent Adriann Ranta.

And so, nearly 15 years after setting out to drive South of the Border — and nearly 28 years since another road trip delivered me to Beaufort — I am pulling into the driveway I cherish most: Beaufort.






And just as I eventually knew that my brother John was beside me all along that drive through Latin America — I know that so are Pat Conroy, Byrne Miller, Harriet Keyserling, Lois Battle and Susan Shaffer: five people I will picture sitting side by side in the front row tomorrow night. Let’s pack the place in their honor and raise a glass to the journeys we are all on.

NMinsideIf you can’t attend in person, please buy the book through any of the fine booksellers on my website www.teresabrucebooks.com


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