Kentucky Fried Civilization (Drive Day 59 minus 14 years)

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Recuperated, we head into El Salvador’s capitol. The sound of horns comes as a shock. You don’t realize how distracting they are until you drive through an entire country the size of Guatemala without hearing a single, rude beep. Everyone seems underdressed too; wearing ball caps and T-shirts with Nike and Coke logos instead of elaborate woven traje. Just to round out the culture shock, we stop for Chinese food.

But it is getting late and under the Central American Handbook section for camping in San Salvador there is only this: camping is not advised. So we pay to park at a hotel and Gary backs the camper up so close to a wall that the door only opens six inches.


Gary sketches bugs from the day’s grill kill until there is no light. It feels like we’ve locked ourselves in prison.

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