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Here’s a fun new blog I follow, back at the beginning of his road trip

The Campervan Man

The start of my 2017 travels. South East Asia is renowned for being one of the best places to travel in the world, full of spectacular scenery, wonderful people and amazing activities, as well as its cheap prices for everything you could possibly need, Asia is a great place to begin backpacking.

As ever, nothing is straightforward in my life, so I began my journey with my mum. Whether she was inspired by jealousy or a motherly worry, we cycled through Thailand and Cambodia together, seeing the sites she hadn’t seen for 25 years and discovering ones even her well-travelled old soul had not yet seen. Once the cycling was over, I met up with old friends from school for a more modern take on travelling before jetting off for a week of diving and surfing in Bali. The contrasts from what my mother had experienced to what I had…

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