Leaving Leon (Drive Day 66 minus 14 years)

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0904a nic trot up window

We drive away with extra bottles of Flor de Cana rum and head for the hills. Mountains, really, to the town of San Rafael del Norte. It’s a day’s drive into what used to be Sandinista country and it’s not hard to understand why Nicaraguans embraced a revolution. Up here, you ride your horse to the corner store and steal glimpses of the outside world through the TV set in the hotel lobby. We look at a calendar on the wall, see that it’s Alex’s birthday and need to hear his voice so much that we break out the satellite phone. I’m sure the other guests think we’re CIA.

0904b nic onion man
Onion seller, taking TV break
0904c nic tv watcher
Same onion seller, back at night for the action flicks

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