When the roads aren’t dangerous enough, try an old Russian prop plane (Drive Day 76 minus 14 years)

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0914a ni ci aerial

We’ve found a place to safely park our camper for a side-trip. My parents are living on an island 40 miles off the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. We could travel by river upcountry, then transfer to a few collectivos or horseback to get to Blue Fields and then take a twice-weekly food barge to Corn Island. Or we can buck up, swallow some Dramamine and fly La Costena airlines. When you have to stand on the same scale as your luggage to make sure the flight can get off the ground it’s time for another gut check. Then there’s the duct tape above my seat that doesn’t quite seal off unidentified clear fluid dripping onto my neck. My dad says these planes are left over from the days when Russia was a regular Nicaraguan trading partner. It’s not comforting.

0914b IMG_2235

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