Alone Together — a piece of The Drive finds a home in new travel anthology

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A quick flash forward for those of you riding along on the road trip blog supporting The Drive. A story from my Ogilvy PR film scout in Honduras made it into this very cool anthology 

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.54.02 PM

It’s available now for pre-ordering on Kindle, and supporting this publisher will help keep the effort moving forward for other women writers. A huge shout out to my friend, mad writer and voracious reader Chris Sheppard who nudged me into submitting something. It was an interesting challenge to find a story that would fit the zeitgeist of this publication — most of my travels in Latin America, as you know, are with Gary.

But then I remembered a trip I had to take alone, to scout for a brand film for Cargill. At that time, just like for the year-long trip, everyone who knew I was traveling to Honduras was certain it was too dangerous. Some women-alone-together stories are warning tales, but my experiences traveling in Latin America have always been positive. I should be an honorary ambassador for an entire continent. Pack you bags, hermanas, and visit our neighbors to the South. There’s nothing like it!



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