Let’s sugar coat this (Drive Day 155: December 1st, 2003)

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equador 2 copy

Portrait by Gary Geboy, see more here

You probably twirled a little honey into your tea this morning, or bought Starbucks preloaded with sugar, not thinking about it more than the vague guilt of calories. But this guy – Eliades Garcia — he thinks about it all the time. It’s how he earns his living in Vilcabamba, Ecaudor, working for an absentee American owner of this mini sugar-factory. Only here they call it panela and it’s basically molten sugar cane, simmered and stirred for days until it cooks down into a syrup. That’s when Eliades’ wood paddle comes in – lifting and aerating the panela so that light passes through it and looks for all the world like liquid gold. When it gets to just the right consistency he pours it into round molds where it semi-hardens into a paste. Want some? Just head to a street market in South America and look for rough brown discs about the size of wax-coated cheese wheels.

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