Need a solar skateboard? Check out Cuzco (Drive Day 170: Dec 16th, 2003)

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1216a.jpgCuzco is justifiably famous for its mortar-less stone walls and majestic cathedrals. But perched, as it is, along the remnants of the Inca Trail it is first and foremost a market town – a stopover for runners delivering messages and goods to ancient kings.


1216b.jpgBut somehow the hard-sell tourist trade seems over-the-top today. Craving vegan pizza? No problem. Eco-mystic treks? Step right up. If it was made for hiking, camping, photographing, cooking, bathing, combating altitude sickness or killing bacteria you’ll find it in one of the used-equipment stores mingled among internet cafes and bars. I’m sure if I look hard enough I’ll find things my parents were forced to sell in this town thirty years ago – on the tail-end of a rapidly dwindling budget.



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