A Year of Escapist Reading

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I made it on another best reads list — and this one by the woman whose book advice is always brilliant


When reality becomes too much like (bad) fiction and (poorly-written) alternate history, maybe the best way to cope is to escape – to a different historical time or a different dimension all-together. Looking back at my reading list of 2017, I did exactly that. Should I be embarrassed that it was a year of reading books about magic – what’s more, that I enjoyed it? Well, if it helps me get through the day, week or year, then why not!

Six of Crows duology – I just finished this, so it’s fresh in my mind. A gang of six minor criminals in a 17th century version of Amsterdam set out on an impossible heist. In this multi-ethnic crew, each has their own skill and motivation, sometimes putting them at odds with each other. Much like the Fast & Furious movie franchise. Good plot twists, with our crew always trying to…

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