Avant-Garde in Beaufort

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I’ve always wondered what Beaufort’s social scene was like when Byrne Miller blew into town in the late 60s.  With her wild ideas about open marriage, her comfort with nudity and all things sexual, along with her disdain for “loving hands at home”-style art, I’m sure she must have turned the town on its ear. Or did she? I found a wonderful invitation to a party she received, and saved along with all her personal papers. It was from a woman named Marion (perhaps Marion Draine, SC Arts Commission?) Anyway, wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall at this event?

At Oaks Plantation, Frogmore, I am giving away some icons of November.

You are cordially invited to join in the rough draft filming of “Verna Lee’s Mater” — a ceremony of mood using 3 sculptural forms

March 30th 1-5 pm

Activity consists of leisurely gathering venus forms from a pattern on the earth; then planting in the emptied space a reflective marker.

If anyone out there went to this “event” and can dish a little – please leave a comment. If not, I’ll just take comfort in the suspicion that Beaufort wasn’t limited to cocktail parties and bridge games. Cheers!