Tango tease (Day 1 minus 14 years, 30 days)

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My knees are clicking. My back feels rod stiffened. Gary thinks his hips have swiveled inward and stuck. And it’s just sixty minutes into our first couples tango lesson. It will probably be our last, given that we’re driving away from DC in eleven days. But my co-workers figure a private milonga is the one thing I haven’t pre-planned so they pitched in on this coordination-testing farewell gesture. Each step breaks my heart a little. To leave such good friends with no plan B if we don’t reach Argentina.


Photo by Elizabeth Muzio


My parents only made it down the Pan-American Highway as far as Bolivia. I will force that unlovely ending out of my mind and picture this couple instead.


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One thought on “Tango tease (Day 1 minus 14 years, 30 days)

    Elaine Joselovitz said:
    June 1, 2017 at 12:12 PM

    I remember this party very well. It was a fun send-off but also a sad one. Teresa being a terrific boss and very much missed.


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