A shot-in-the-arm (Drive Day 1 minus 14 years, 29 days)

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The traveler’s medical clinic on K street in Washington DC is a building I never hope to see again. A grown woman shouldn’t have to hold her husband’s hand to get her shots, but driving the Pan-American Highway in a camper sounds more bad-ass than I really am.

photo by Gary Geboy

In my defense, I had epileptic seizures as a child triggered by the fear of vaccines. My mom found a pediatrician who faked my immunization records just to avoid the drama. Gary cuts me no such slack. This is step one of a two-person prophylactic medical binge – EKGs, stress tests and anything else still covered before my company insurance runs out. Including Lasik surgery for Gary. Did I mention he makes his living as a cinematographer? One microscopically wrong zap and his career would be over. I’m going to stop whining about shots now.

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